A Healthy Diet Is Not Easy

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Obviously, it’s not as easy as eating whatever you want, whenever you wish. But, for those of us not blessed with the perfect metabolism, the whole process of trying to lose weight and weight control has been severely complicated and made unnecessarily problematic.

Unless you have a genuine eating compulsion or medically-diagnosed genetic disorder, there is no feasible reason why you would ever need a gastric band, diet pills, stomach staples, magic beans – or in this case berries.

Yes, gastric bands do work, sometimes – in the same way that throttling yourself with a choke-chain, so you could not swallow, could work. However, for all but an unfortunate few, they are completely unnecessary – not to mention a potential risk to your health.

The same can be said for diet pills, the majority of those are placebos and will never work anyway, those that claim a minor success are simply herbal laxatives that cause waste-loss, not weight-loss.  Acai berries/pills are marketed as the new miracle cure, well that is if you believe all you read. Truth is they are not magic, and no more beneficial than a blueberry, it’s a advertising weight-loss myth – don’t even bother with those.

The majority of people need nothing more than a healthy, balanced diet. Don’t go searching aimlessly for a miracle cure, you really do not require one – not that one could ever be found. Simply, eat smaller portions of healthy, wholesome food at regular intervals throughout the day.

It may come as a surprise to many (and certainly as an annoyance to the new generation of ‘cure-all’ nutritionist marketers) to learn that you do not have to spend a small fortune and buy overpriced, medically dubious products to lose weight. What you need is common sense and those lovely, tasty foodstuffs that have been keeping homo sapiens healthy for two millennia. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

A simple common sense approach to losing weight would be something as basic as this:

Try to ensure that you have a good breakfast, then a mid-morning snack (like a yoghurt, or fruit) to keep you going, enjoy a light lunch, treat yourself to a mid-afternoon bite (yes, you can have a small chocolate bar!) and then finish off with a decent dinner. Supper is optional.

The aim is to slowly reduce your intake of calories and gradually speed up your metabolic rate – it’s that simplistic.

If you have a serious will-power issue, then it may benefit and assist you to follow a specific, structured diet program. The fact remains, you can easily find one of these simple step programmes, for free, anywhere on the internet these days, and all it takes is a bit of intuitive research. There is all manner of helpful advice available; to assist you with your dieting requirements and it will not cost you an arm and a leg, push pure green coffee bean extracts, it also provides excellent diet advice.

If you genuinely think you would benefit from a support-based programme, with weekly meetings then by all means try one of the popular diet programs. Of course, if you have friends who are also interested in losing weight or eating healthily, you could start your own support group, not only is that cheaper but you are more likely to attend the meetings regularly! Whatever you decide, I seriously recommend you do your own research first – take your time and come to your own decision.

Go on, take a look, you will be surprised at what you can find.