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You should really pay attention to the first sentence of the last paragraph and and what is doing how your your SOP is structured engine so they use key language my few experiences teaching have you vote favorable responses that I have been and has been clearly enjoyable so they we thought they were just interested in math but now they’re showing how they they want to apply math to teaching they want to teach so here this applicant talks about their more research recent research experience so my summer training at T IFR they give a specific name has given me the experience of working in an organization or in towards research. Learn how to write final paragraph in application essay at Robotdon.

So they’ve given the name and they have connected it to research what is what they will do at Stanford to recently they’ve been doing it interacted with the theoretical computer science group and you can see there is they use a lot of different language they don’t say I took this class I did this they say wait my interaction has poppy they don’t just say I interacted with the science group my summer training has given me an experience so there’s sort of varying the language on a more stylistic level so think about that when you write we when you look at one paragraph does it sound the same are the sentences the same length you don’t want them you wouldn’t want it to be boring just reading the same stylus it’s over okay and this is the final paragraph there’s a conclusion okay.

So how this graduate program will help further the students interest this is just a good fit part write this show us why the student fits at that University so their first sentence again a good research career can only be built above the firm foundation of a good education so that’s very clever way who wants a good research career all these students and what do they need in a good education so what is Stanford’s role their role is to be the bridge between the student and the education and then what do they want to do after they cross that bridge their long-term goal it is to teach they talked about teaching so but their immediate goal is to work towards a PhD so in your conclusion you see this is very short you don’t need to mention you don’t need to go back and talk about the details just briefly summarize what you have what you’ve mentioned for we’re going to have a relationship together I look forward to it so this this essay has all of the things that they need plus a little bit of confidence and higher level okay so just a couple tips overall tips on this SOP what the admissions committee will look for actually what they will not just read in your words but what they will see through your words self motivation competence potential so I will go back to this last paragraph.